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Glossary beginning with O

Most addicts and family members seeking help or treatment, know very little in the way of unique terms and phrases connected to addiction treatment and or sobriety.
The Rehab Guide has compiled a unique addiction glossary to help those individuals learn the terms needed to understand mental health, addiction and recovery related terms.

Out of network insurance providersearch for term

An out-of-network insurance provider is one which has not contracted with your insurance company for reimbursement at a negotiated rate.
Some health plans, like HMOs, do not reimburse out-of-network providers at all, which means that as the patient, you would be responsible for the full amount charged by your doctor.
While other health plans offer coverage for out-of-network providers, but your patient responsibility such as deductible or co-pay would be higher than it would be if you were seeing an in-network provider.

Obsessionsearch for term

"Obsessioni" is known as the preoccupation starting in one's thoughts on any given subject or substance. Most addictions revolve around a degree of obsession.

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