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Glossary beginning with V

Most addicts and family members seeking help or treatment, know very little in the way of unique terms and phrases connected to addiction treatment and or sobriety.
The Rehab Guide has compiled a unique addiction glossary to help those individuals learn the terms needed to understand mental health, addiction and recovery related terms.

Valiumsearch for term

Valiumi A depressant tranquilizers drug of the benzodiazepine family that relieves anxiety.

Values Clarificationsearch for term

Values Clarificationi is a drug prevention programming based on the influence of social values.
Such as values clarification about who you are and where you are going in your life.

Vicodinsearch for term

Vicodini is prescribed for the relief of moderate to moderately severe pain
A person addicted to heroin and a patient taking Vicodin for pain are both “users.” The term is stigmatizing because it labels a person by his/her behavior. It is also misleading because the term user has come to refer to one who is engaged in risky use of substances

Vivitrolsearch for term

Vitrol is indicated for the prevention of relapse to opioid dependence, following opioid detoxification.
It is important to successfully treat the addiction disorder before initiating this type of relapse prevention protocol. If relapse prevention with naltrexone is begun before the underlying addiction condition is sufficiently in remission the patient may experience the unpleasant symptoms of a chronic addiction disorder.

Voyeurismsearch for term

Voyeurismi is a common disorder that involves achieving sexual arousal by observing an unsuspecting and non-consenting person who is undressing or unclothed, and/or engaged in sexual activity.
This behavior may conclude with masturbation by the voyeur. The voyeur does not seek sexual contact with the person he is observing. Other names for this behavior are know as "peeping" or "peeping Tom." This behavior is highly frown upon by society as a whole and illegal.

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