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An "Interventioni" if often an attempt by a group of people such as family and friends who speak an addict on how their addiction effect him/her and friend and family.
They get toguether and try to talk the addict to get professional help or counseling with an addiction especialist, generally with the assistance of an interventionist present.
The word intervention is used when a traumatic event involves addiction to drugs, alcohol or other substances.

Does your loved one need an intervention?” It is a question that most families have asked themselves when confronted with the fact that someone they hold dear may be abusing drugs or alcohol. It is important to gauge whether or not an individual is engaged in substance abuse or has an addiction to drugs or alcohol before holding an intervention.
To help, the following information details some of the telltale signs that an individual needs professional help – and could therefore benefit mightily from an intervention.

1) They are spending less time with family and friends.
Addicted individuals will forgo relationships with their loved ones in order to focus on their drug use.
2) They may begin to hang out with a different crowd of people – ones who are more inclined to use drugs or alcohol.
They have unexplained absences. It is not uncommon for individuals suffering from addiction to disappear for long stretches of time without explanation.
They are suddenly having problems at work or school. Even the brightest minds or hardest workers will see their performance suddenly hit a tailspin as a result of an addiction.
They are always asking for money. Individuals with addiction need money to finance their habit. They may ask for it out of hand, or even resort to stealing out of purses and wallets.

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