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Dual diagnosis

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Dual diagnosis is a concept and a term that has been around since at least 1990. More and more treatment centers are subscribing to the dual diagnosis theory, but still nowhere near the amount of emphasis and effort has been put into this area by some treatment centers. Dual diagnosis is simply the reference to a person who has been diagnosed with two problems, such as depression and chemical dependence. This author believes that close to between 80% and 90% of all addicts would be diagnosed with depression or some sort of mental illness that could be found to be at the root of a cause of his or her addiction were they carefully assessed by an addiction savvy psychiatrist. Treating somebody for alcoholism or addiction without assessing them carefully for a mental disorder is ludicrous, and this author would go so far as to say it was negligent treatment. If you don’t catch the mental illness that drove the patient to take the drug to make him/her more comfortable because of a mental discomfort in the first place, you will never be able to control the addiction. Dual diagnosis is one of the most important theories of addiction to pay special attention to today, in my humble opinion.

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